Prosinec 2012

goldwave are all available online to edit wav files

6. prosince 2012 v 10:24
good audio recording software to download music into an mp3 file

what are the industry leading recording softwares to music from. i hear it's a great alternative from just downloading music online, am i right well could u guys give me some great softwares that make audio into mp3 format. no viruses plz. industry leading or inexpensive softwares. thank you

u can dload any thing on youtube (mp4,wma,mp3) loook for the firefox extention youtube mp3 or youtube downloaderzz i use it all the time and the mp3's dont sound like poop and vids look clean 2 convert audio and video files to mp3 i can recommend you the one that i am using. dunno if you know it, it's called audials. i usually use it to record online music and movies, internet radios, streaming audio and video etc. and it also has a converting feature. you can record download online streaming download software music and videos and convert the audio and video files to mp3 or another format, all popular formats are supported and i, personally am really satisfied with it.for youtube for example, you can either look for videos with the audials player and download videos from the audials list or play a video in the browser and download the video from there. it's really good.and their demo version it's really decent, i totally recommend trying it.ah, btw, you can also take a look at these step by step tutorials on how to convert audio and video files to mp3 and other formats, i think they can be industry leading audialsen converter_how_to…good luck!

i have to precede this by saying that i am not advocating breaking any laws or breaching copyright as i have been reported to yahoo over mp3 software questions..though to me - telling someone how to do something that you can do -is an issue for the companies and lawyers - not for me.if you have realplayer sp then all youtube videos (and others) become a source of mp3s as the software allows download of the video and conversion to mp3 by adding a button to the video - this of course could breach copyright if free download the uploader has put something on that is copyrighted - some are being removed as i speak by the copyright mediaplayer already converts audio cd to mp3 - again the idea is that you do not distribute the material stopping artists from ting paid - but it happens (this is not my fault yahoo!).audacity,cool edit and goldwave are all available online to edit wav files - mp3 can be saved in certain circumstamces which means any existing file in wav can become mp3.many online sites such as amazingtunes have non-commercial artists supplying music - so in some cases they provide industry leading tunes (like i do) and do not expect payment. lastly,personal sites may have mp3s that are not covered by legal copyright issues and so it does not matter if you download - which is what i do - as i am not looking to be a aware of copyright issues - that way i don't reported as breaking tos!