Why not purchase the Monster Beats By Dre Solo as the christmas gifts

9. dubna 2012 v 6:26 | beatsbydre

Monster Beats By Dre solo are effective in reducing background noise by more than 70% which is 10 dB at 300 Hz to be exact.
This great function enables users to enjoy their movies or songs regardless of the noisy environment. With advanced loudspeaker design and powered isolation technology, Beats By Dr Dre can utilize the power and energy in a better way and make further improvement on low frequency power.
Whether youngsters will be able to get their parents to fork over the for these after springing for an Beats By Dr Dre is questionable. Meanwhile, Monster Beats Studio can provide 110dB flexibility to show every detail in Rock, Hip Hot and R&B which require strictly in Sound velocity. While bringing all the benefits to you, the noise cancellation headphones are really good for the price they are asking for. As a standard package, the Monster Dr Dre headphones go with a soft carrying case and an airplane adapter plug so the set is ideal for use on the go.The materials they are used to be made of are of good qualities.
When Beats By Dre Headphones designs a pair of headphones, you know that it's going to be only the best quality sound. After all, when working with headphones in a studio for over thirty years you come to know what to look for and what makes Monster Dr Dre Headphones great. By teaming up with Monster Cables who has been creating premium Audio equipment, you get the best headphones possible.

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