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Anxiety Attacks and an Unhappy Childhood

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Anxiety Attacks and an Unhappy Childhood

My anxiety counselor suggested that my anxiety attacks were due to my past. Sometimes Panic sufferers lived with abusive parents, she said. I didn't live with abusive parents, but this is because I didn't live with my parents, I lived outside the main family unit, with my grandparents. I believe to this day this is because my parents did not want me they already had two sons and I was an unwelcome arrival.

When I think about the days living with my grandparents, I think it was a happy childhood - their kindness taught me how to be a responsible person who should be honest, kind hearted, independent and loyal.
However, I suffer a Panic attack every time I think about how my parents treated me during my childhood and my unhappiness from them abandoning me and their unfair treatment.

I knew that my efforts to satisfy my parents would never facilitate any compliment; instead I received various kinds of criticism. Even when I got awards for excellence from my grandparents, teachers and others, I felt my parents would discourage me to enjoy the encouragement.
They put so much pressure on me during my childhood to be as excellent as I could but at the same time I was discouraged to give up some interests I had, such as drawing. I never drew any picture since my father would get so angry with me and tear up all the pictures I drew. When I pasted my drawings on the wall in my bedroom, he thought my pictures ruined his wall.

Their deep dislike of me did not stop them having high expectations of me, and they never stopped comparing me with my brothers who were at least three years older than me, and other children of the same age.
It seemed that compared to other children, everything I did was not up to scratch. Constant criticism got me anxious to try my best to change their mind. It was not till much later when the damage was done I realized all my efforts were in vain as it's impossible to change another person's prejudice.
Sometimes I think I am lucky to survive with only a mild panic disorder from a childhood which was so full of anxiety. Talking about the root of my panic disorder is helping me understand why I am the way I am, and I hope one day I will be able to overcome my affliction and lead a normal life.

My life is like a lonely ocean

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My life is like a lonely ocean

Waterfall of inspiration is my mind,

Spring of friendship is my heart,
Desert of enemies is my life,

Tears are the meaning of my life.....
Because sorrows haunt me every time,

Music is the rhythm of my life,
Love is like a mirage for me,
Can't trust anyone in this world,
Just being me and proceeding my life..........
Proceeding my life is not like proceeding like time,
Time is so fast,
But I am constant as a northern star.
Let the rain fall on me,
But why is the sunshine making fun of me?
This nature is so beautiful,
But everyone says "Life is beautiful"
Is it because they have never gone through pain?
I think they all are always in "cloud nine or in seventh heaven" ..,
Let me say,
Can't trust anyone in this world,
Just being me and proceeding my life.
"Why am I saying about life so much?"
Now I am like a broken crush.
So I hate my life like my anger or phobias,
So many, salty experiences make me in discourage,
But I know salty moments and experiences is good,
For the up coming success, For the up coming love,
For the up coming beautiful experiences
Cause those moments makes me happy,
And those salty moments will be a piece of joke later.
Let me say, Can't trust anyone in this world,
Just being me and proceeding my life.
"What a poetry!" I call this as my life story.
Having a great ambition is good,
But it does not count in this world. "Why?",
I don't know about that, But I feel like that.
The magic and illusions are,
Very interesting things,
But now those are just entertainments.
Let the whole world say, That I am not good
But let me pray,
That I won't live in this Miserable world like my lonely way.
Like a broken heart; Let me say,
Can't trust anyone in this world,
Just being me and proceeding my life;
I still say, It is my lonely life ..
Let me pray and say,
Can't trust anyone in this world,
Just being me and proceeding my lonely life.

Monster Beats Studio By Dr Dre Made To Isolate Noise

9. dubna 2012 v 6:26 | casque beats
Monster Beats Studio By Dr Dre Made To Isolate Noise

In 2008, Monster Company and Grammy Awards winner Monster Beats Studio By Dr Dre expert group as well together developed the first big Headphones Studio, which swept across the world rapidly. Grasping opportunity and making persistent efforts, Monster Company released another two Beats By Dr Dre headphones Tour and Turbine. Monster becomes the spokesperson for popular headphones all over the world fashionable and high quality! The first thing that I liked about these Monster Beats Studio was that they were made to isolate noise.

I was able to listen to my music through my IPhone and or MP3 player without worrying about outside noise getting in. Now the question is, do they really keep the noise out? The answer to that question is, so far it has lived up to it's promise.

More and more people are concerned about the work. My husband told me that I was silly for paying that much for a pair of headphones but not too long after I bought Monster Dr Dre Headphones,they are really good.If you are not comfortable wearing headset, it will be best if you will look at the available lines for Monster Beats tour By Dr Dre. I shop at the grocery store with these Beats By Dre Headphones on and I don't hear a thing.

They are so isolating that it can be totally dangerous to wear these out in public because you won't be able hear your surroundings. As far as music is concerned, they enhance the sound of my music. Since I don't hear much around me, the bass is enhanced and my music pops out of the speakers. As a standard package, the Monster Dr Dre Headphones go with a soft carrying case and an airplane adapter plug so the set is ideal for use on the go.

Studio Beats By Dr Dre Appeal To Younger,Ear-Canal fit aside, and now that I have the adequate buds on the Studio Beats By Dr Dre to isolate the external sounds, the actual sound quality is above average. It's a clean sound and it has a punchy but not overtly powerful bass. Details in songs that I didn't appreciate with other Beats By Dr Dre are more clear on these.

I'd say that they sound balanced on the mids and highs and a bit enhanced on the bass, but not as much as the Monster Beats Studio for example, which are stellar in this area. Dre and Iovine have continued the tradition of working with a variety of artists to develop their range of headsets. Now that Beats By Dre headphones have had their fun, the two set their sites on finding a musician who could help them create something that would appeal to younger listeners who are getting the feel for what music they love. So, of course, they turned to Justin Bieber. The Beats Pro headset is a step up from the previously released Studio headset.

Beats By Dre Headphones and Interscope are betting that DJs and homebrew music makers will love the Audio quality/depth and versatility of this rugged set of phones. But don't be surprised to find these in professional studios as well. you have to be serious about your music to go for one of these.These headphones are designed by music legend Dr. Dre and are manufactured by Monster cables. Together they've combined to provide some of the best features that you can get in a pair of headphones. onster is now bringing other musicians into the "Beats" fold.

Why not purchase the Monster Beats By Dre Solo as the christmas gifts

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Monster Beats By Dre solo are effective in reducing background noise by more than 70% which is 10 dB at 300 Hz to be exact.
This great function enables users to enjoy their movies or songs regardless of the noisy environment. With advanced loudspeaker design and powered isolation technology, Beats By Dr Dre can utilize the power and energy in a better way and make further improvement on low frequency power.
Whether youngsters will be able to get their parents to fork over the for these after springing for an Beats By Dr Dre is questionable. Meanwhile, Monster Beats Studio can provide 110dB flexibility to show every detail in Rock, Hip Hot and R&B which require strictly in Sound velocity. While bringing all the benefits to you, the noise cancellation headphones are really good for the price they are asking for. As a standard package, the Monster Dr Dre headphones go with a soft carrying case and an airplane adapter plug so the set is ideal for use on the go.The materials they are used to be made of are of good qualities.
When Beats By Dre Headphones designs a pair of headphones, you know that it's going to be only the best quality sound. After all, when working with headphones in a studio for over thirty years you come to know what to look for and what makes Monster Dr Dre Headphones great. By teaming up with Monster Cables who has been creating premium Audio equipment, you get the best headphones possible.

Six of the best headphones

9. dubna 2012 v 6:24 | casque beats
HIGH-QUALITY headphones are a musthave accessory for music fans on the move. Peter Jenkinson sounds out six of the best to help you listen in style.

Buds by Bob - House of Marley Midnight Ravers Rasta In Ear Headphones. These colourful earphones are just one set in the range available from House of Marley, inspired by the Jamaican reggae star. This set is made from aluminium and comes with three ear-tip options for the perfect fit, together with storage pouch, so what are you waiting for? Turn the volume up and Stir It Up.
Music Man - Monster Beats Full-Size HD Headphones by Dr Dre Studio . Producing a set of headphones in association with the rapper, record label executive and producer Dr Dre was always going to end up with stunning results in both style and sound delivery. The Studio's headphones have an additional iSoniTalk cable with built-in call answer button, allowing you to pause and take that all-important call.

Audio Excellence - B&W P5 Mobile HiFi Headphones - This is the first foray into headphones by audio experts Bowers & Wilkins. The company's traditional approach has won it many fans, with its good old brushed aluminium and soft leather, engineered with splendid sound quality to match. These fold-flat headphones produce little noise to bother those around you if you're a fan of full volume.

Yours Truly - Audeo PFE 232 Perfect Fit In-Ear Monitor Headphones - The Swiss may be renowned for creating high-quality kit, but very little comes close to this set of in-ear music delivery systems for near-perfection and unsurpassed comfort. This diminutive pair of headphones contains the highest quality technology combined with a multitude of different-sized tips to ensure that each set fits the wearer.

Uncabled Melodies - Veho VEP-004-BT 360 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones -This set of foldaway Bluetooth headphones allows you to connect to your mobile without any of that cable beats by dre dre clutter. Its impressive 10m range lets you walk around the room without audio interruption, and the set allows for call taking. You can answer calls with a press of the built-in button. Brilliant for music fans on a budget.

Killer Looks - AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature Full Size Headphones -The price may be a little bit of a distraction, but bear with us as these beats by dre are possibly the most technologicallypacked headphones in the (only just) sub-pounds 500 bracket. Music scientists praise their "revolutionary flat-wire voice coils and patented two-layer diaphragms", which translates into music into your ear exactly the way it sounded when it left the recording studio - perfect.

What is diffrence between beats by dre studio and beats by dre solo

5. dubna 2012 v 8:31 | stefanieismine

The main difference between the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones and the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones seems to be, for lack of a better word, update. Monster Beats has a better Audio quality and is more stylish version of it's predecessor, but if money is your main concern then read this comparison review between the Beats Solo and Monster Beats.Beats by Dr. Dre Studio High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones (Kobe Bryant Limited Edition) is arrived on beatsbydreseller.com, and it is only $199.
The Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones does have a pretty slick and stylish design (the beats logo is on the side). The ear muffs are incredibly comfortable. They're "on ear" muffs and are more compact than the original Beats headphones. They have soft padding and a pivot easily and pretty securely. It's constructed much like the Logitech's ClearChat, with sturdy metal coated in soft plastic with some padding at the top to help with comfort. After about an hour and a half, it started to get a little uncomfortable. Unfortunately the audio is just not that great. It sounds a bit inaudible and even mushy. This is most likely due to over-super-powering low end. Anything that's heavy on the beat isn't probably going to sound good with these headphones. Soft music sounded great, however.

The Monster Beats Dr. Dre headphones are much more stylish than the Beats headphones. The headband is thick and glossy and is also padded at the top for comfort. The Beats logo on the headphones actually acts like a mute button with the on and off switch for the noise canceling feature right underneath (which have to be used in order to use the headphones). The ear the cuffs are "on ear" as well and are pretty comfortable. The sound quality is a more stable and crisp than the Beats headphones (actually the sound is shockingly clear).

The bass definitely moves but the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are more balanced. Heavy based headphones normally add unclear audio quality but these sound really good. The headphones do leak however, so people will definitely hear the audio. In the end if dollar amounts are a big deal, the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones might be for you - but I don't think the sound quality is worth the money. On the other hand, the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are very clear sound quality and look even more stylish than the Beats Solo headphones. If you're going to spend this kind of money, you might as well save it for the Monster Beats headphones. At end , the prices: Beats by Dr. Dre Studio: Offical Price is $349.95, and beatsbydreseller price is $159 Beats Solo HD : offical price is $229.95, and beatsbydreseller price is $189.

childhood with the fall leaf

5. dubna 2012 v 8:30 | stefanieismine
When I was a little girl, fall wasn't a time to be sad about the summer's passing. It was a time to enjoy the freshness of the morning air, the warm autumn days and mostly, rejoice in the piles of crunchy fallen leaves that begged to be kicked around or made into tall piles specifically to be jumped into. As an adult, some things have changed. I land a little harder when I dive into a pile of leaves and I am the one who has to clean up the mess when I am finished playing, But that is not the change that I am talking about. As an avid Gardener my whole view of leaves and their purpose has shifted to one that benefits my garden and helps it to be more beautiful each coming year.

You may be wondering what I am talking about. Most people after all just shove falling leaves into a bag for the garbageman or their neighborhoods leaf recycling posts. In my time as a Home owner I have found there is a lot more you can do with your leaves and this often means saving the effort of carting them off your property each fall. My philosophy is to leave leaves be.

When I had grass, I would take my mower and finely Mulch the leaves in place. Did you know that there really isn't a scientific reason why you need to rid your grass of fallen leaves? By finely mulching the leaves on your grass, they will break down over the winter providing nutrients for your grass and shade the exposed soil enough to curb the onslaught of spring weeds.

If the thought of leaf mulch on your pristine grass keeps you up at night, collect your mulched leaves in the bag of your mower and distribute them onto your planting beds to create a nutrient rich mulch that will help your prized perennials from drying out in winter Chinooks. Leaves and leaf mulch in planting beds also provides a protective place for aphid eating ladybugs to over-winter.

If you have an excess of leaf mulch then bag it, but don't throw it to the curb. Leave your excess leaves by the Composter so that you have an ample stash of brown material to mix into your composter over the following 3 seasons. Brown and green are what your compost needs to create a healthy mix and browns are hard to come by in the green of spring and summer, so having a pile on hand will assist you throughout the year.

Of all the seasons, fall remains my favorite time of year. My love for the season and crunchy leaves has evolved to suit my life of gardening, living green and eliminating as much redundant work as I can. This fall, you too can forget the back breaking work of raking and instead take a few simple steps that will improve your view of fall by making leaves work for you.